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Many sites on the web are ready to provide their services to students who have some issues with homework. We offer you our reviews of different essay writing platforms so that you can choose the one that will suit you the best. This time, we will take a look at Our observations will help you to become familiar with the important details of this service and decide if you want to use its help or not. Our review will show you what this service is, explain how it works, highlight what benefits it provides to its customers, and make a verdict about its usefulness.

So, What Is EssayHave? Review

It is an online platform via which students can order their homework from professional academic writers and have more time for urgent tasks. This platform has existed for 15 years on the academic writing market. It has 337 writers whose services you can enlist on EssayHave. The platform also has five writing centers worldwide and 8,5/10 in average customer satisfaction.

What do all these statistics mean to you? Let’s deal with this question. 15 years on the market is a long period, which speaks to the company’s credibility. If it’s existed for such a long time, that means that EssayHave is not a dubious site that could disappear with your money and personal information. The number of writers and centers is indicative of the speed with which work on the order will be started. The more centers and writers a platform has, the higher the chance that someone will be interested in your order – or that you will have a wide choice among the professionals in their field. 85% customer satisfaction tells two things. The first is that EssayHave is not lying, providing plentiful data about itself. Indeed, every service is interested in its customer satisfaction, but there can be different cases and circumstances, due to which a platform cannot have only 10/10 rates. 85% is a good sign, which shows that customers of EssayHave are mostly satisfied with their orders.

Is EssayHave Safe?

Every service is interested in the safety of its customers’ private data, and EssayHave is not an exception to this rule. As the official site assures, the platform uses the best practices to ensure that its customers’ data is encrypted according to the standard required by the GDPR for personal information protection. EssayHave doesn’t make empty promises. On the platform, you can find remarks about your personal responsibility in regards to your private data. Be careful with your password, do not use untested internet connections—and all the other points of cybersafety that are well-known to any contemporary user. EssayHave will do their best to ensure your safety, but you need to exercise reasonable care too.

How Does EssayHave Work?

How Does EssayHave Work?

So, let’s imagine that you have registered on EssayHave and placed an order. What should you expect? First, you can be sure that your paper will be written from scratch. The platform does not have a reserve of ready-made papers. When you place an order, a writer will start to create a completely new essay, research project, review, or other kind of work according to your instructions. Your order can consist of or additionally include slides and charts if you need them. Also, you can order a copy of sources cited in your paper for an additional payment, in case you want it. Writers on the platform must have academic and professional experience and pass a written English test to work on the orders. In addition, all writers have ratings that are formed by the customers’ evaluations.

What about the format? The standard for EssayHave is 1-inch margins on all sides, 275 words per page, 12-point Times New Roman/Arial font, and double-spaced. All major formatting styles like APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian are available. If you need any deviations from the standard format, you can note them in the instructions for your order, and it will be done. Be careful and attentive with the instructions! EssayHave offers you the ability to request a free revision at any point before approving your final paper or up to seven days after. But the necessary condition for it is that your request does not contradict the original instructions you provided. Otherwise, you will need to pay for the changes in the paper.

Who Uses EssayHave?

Who Uses EssayHave?

The platform is mainly used by students of different educational levels. They can be young or adults, international students, or those for whom English is a native language. Any kind of student can face educational issues or too heavy a workload.

Young people often want to focus on their major, but other faculties can take up too much of their time and distract them from their main subject. Adults often combine work and education, and it can be very difficult for them to cope with all the tasks they need to do to obtain proper grades. Sometimes their education and workload balance are complicated by a child or children, which also require time and attention.

But papers from EssayHave are not always used to avoid workloads; they often save some time that would be preferably spent on something more important or even just pleasant. For students, it can be hard to understand all the details of the tasks and the way they must be embodied in the finished paper. This is especially relevant regarding the specifics of the formatting. It can be much easier to work on a task when you have an example written by a qualified and experienced person in academic writing.

Why Choose EssayHave?

So, let’s consider the advantages that the platform provides to its customers—and to you if you decide to place an order on it.

  • Money-back guarantee

If anything goes wrong, you can request and receive a refund. This process is not automatic, and you need to communicate with the corresponding department of EssayHave. However, if the truth is on your side, you will definitely have your money back.

  • Free revisions

We have already mentioned it, but this point is very important. You can ask EssayHave to revise your order if you are not satisfied with it. But be careful and provide all necessary details in the instructions beforehand to avoid this issue.

  • Plagiarism-free guarantee

EssayHave writers make your paper from scratch, and they must properly cite all the sources. The company checks all the content with specific software, so if you find any plagiarism by using different platforms, you can provide the report, and the company will help you to cope with this problem.

  • A support team available 24/7

In the case you have any trouble, you need to contact your writer. If they are not online, or you need any other kind of support, it is very important to have the ability to contact the support team. EssayHave’s support department is available anytime you need it and will do their best to help you cope with the issue.

Thus, there are several important benefits you should pay attention to when thinking of using EssayHave.

Final Verdict

Now you have an idea of what EssayHave is, how this platform works, and what benefits you can receive as its customer. We can note that the platform’s main advantage is not in its technical capabilities and not even in the number of writers or writing centers that it has, even though these indicators are highly important. The benefit of EssayHave that must attract the most attention is the honesty of the platform in providing information to potential customers about the details of the services that they can take advantage of.

EssayHave does not claim that its average rating is extremely high, or that you can obtain free revisions in all cases, or that you can automatically get your money back for no reason. Instead of that, the platform allows you to know all the details before you start to use the service and do it without unpleasant surprises. Thus, you can be sure that you will know everything necessary for successful cooperation and get the best result by using such a service.