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If you are going to subscribe to any of the products and services of Paytowriteessays.com, it means that you fully agree to the following terms and conditions:

Paytowriteessays.com is created with the intention to be used and accessed by anyone who has a connection to the World Wide Web. It is not a company that operates on a specific country, territory, or locale.

It is agreed upon that when a customer places an order or a payment, it is tantamount to doing a purchase of products intended for personal, academic, or other non-commercial purposes. Upon selling the write-ups to you, our freelance writers are also transferring one hundred percent of the rights, credits, and ownership of the writing product or service that you have bought. Upon receiving and acknowledging the receipt of the article and within the allowable period the customer does not air any interest to revise the product, it will become non-refundable. Warranties, when the grace period has lapsed, shall likewise expire.

On the part of Paytowriteessays.com, we recognize the fact that all products delivered are one hundred percent original and plagiarism-free.

By agreeing to this set of terms and conditions, it means that the customer acknowledges the fact that Paytowriteessays.com can cancel any of the contracts, agreements, and arrangements, especially if there is a breach to any of the specified terms.

Paytowriteessays.com shall not tolerate, encourage, knowingly connive in, nor condone practices that are directly related or associated with plagiarism. The company agrees to adhere with and obey all provisions of all applicable intellectual property rights and copyright laws.

The company also honors the Policy on Free Revision, provided that it has been requested within the specified grace period. After the grace period, this courtesy service shall be completely forfeited.

To protect the company from unjustified revisions, our quality compliance team department reserves all the right to set a revision limit. Additionally, our quality compliance team has all the right to decline revision requests especially if the reason for revision is unacceptable, when the department feels that the customer is already taking advantage of our writers, or when the customer is already abusing the revision privilege.

Paytowriteessays.com guarantees customers’ one hundred percent satisfaction. It also guarantees that the products are original and they shall be delivered within the specified period. All works shall be checked by the most sophisticated anti-plagiarism programs available in the market since Paytowriteessays.com does not tolerate nor forgive plagiarism.

All requests for order cancellation or refund should be properly communicated. We require a written document sent directly to us containing strong reasons for dissatisfaction so that we will understand your reasons for making such a request. Additionally, request for cancellation and refund should be done within a specified period. When that period lapses without receipt of cancellation or refund request, it shall automatically be interpreted as an indication that the customer is satisfied with our delivered work.

Finally, the Company reserves all the right to establish contact with the customers via email if there are new offers, services, discount privileges, and other special offers that might be useful to the customers.

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