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Paying an expert to help with an academic assignment is something every student wishes to do. Or wishes to have done. But among all those endless lists of services with academic assistance, which one is the best? Whom can we trust on the internet, a place for endless opportunities and ways to get tricked or have the best work done? There’s hardly a universal answer to that. This Ninjaessays review is for those people who have found the website while browsing, heard from friends about it, and are still unsure whether it’s worth their money. We’ll look into all the features this website offers and help you decide for yourself if it suits your educational goals.

So, What Is Ninjaessays?

What Is Ninjaessays

Looking at, you’ve probably gained a general understanding of what purpose it serves. Maybe you’ve even heard of it because Ninjaessays is quite known in its field. It is an online essay writing service for students of all levels. If you think that it’s only focused on one type of studying assistance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Essay writing. It’s the main type of academic assistance that’s usually requested at Ninjaessays, primarily because most of the writing assignments in college and university are focused on this method of assessment. But it’s also popular among high school students. If you have any type of essay to work on, regardless of whether it’s an argumentative or persuasive essay, you’ll find a writer to suit your requirements.

Research paper assistance. Research papers are often very in demand among students who have very little idea of how to choose the methodology, sample size, and variables for their study.

Term paper help. Even more pressuring than research papers, term papers can determine a significant portion of a student’s grade. Many writers on have experience with such assignments and have proved their professionalism.

Dissertation writing. While being one of the most important aspects of learning and the main goal of many students of higher education, dissertations can be very exhausting. Many people choose to become more sure in their future academic success by gaining knowledge of dissertation writing from this service’s professionals.

Proofreading. Even those who know how to write can have an occasional typo in their essays. These punctuation and grammar mistakes can spoil the quality of a paper significantly and negatively influence marks. In such cases, proofreading assistance can be really helpful.

Formatting. Formatting can become a real problem for those who are unfamiliar with it, especially because styles such as MLA and APA are often updated, and each institution has its own preferences. All works at Ninjaessays are done with the requested formatting. Handy, isn’t it?

Is Ninjaessays Safe?

With the modern threats online, being careful with one’s information and money is a must. It’s better to examine the service and check what people say about it before going further. Reviewing the website, we’ve come to the conclusion that Ninjaessays is entirely safe.

Only basic personal information. It would be impossible to contact a person without having any type of personal data, but it is very limited. A customer on the website only has to put their name, email address, and phone number.

Complete anonymity. The writer working for you won’t know any information about you, and it will be protected from anyone outside of the company’s team.

100% originality. This service is strongly against any type of plagiarism, and its mechanisms of work assessment ensure that the work you receive is entirely unique.

How Does Ninjaessays Work?

How Does Ninjaessays Work

It’s pretty easy to place an order on Ninjaessays. These simple steps make the process of ordering a paper fast and effortless.

  1.  Fill out the order form. You can choose between standard, premium, and platinum quality. This affects the price, so pay attention. Indicate the paper’s topic and choose the type of assignment from a large list as well as the deadline, number of pages, discipline, paper format, and other items. Add relevant files if you have any.
  2. Ask for additional features that you like. For an additional payment, you can receive VIP-type support and have your order written by a writer from the UK or one of the website’s top 10 experts. You’ll see a final estimation of the price at the bottom of the page.
  3. Pay for the order. The payment procedure is pretty fast and easy. You can contact the support team if anything goes wrong.
  4. Receive your order and make the final corrections. After your writer completes the order, you can read it and decide if you’re satisfied with it. If something is wrong, you can request a free revision and ask the writer to improve the paper. You can also request paid revisions if, for example, new information is added to the instructions.

Who Uses Ninjaessays?

Among the many people visiting the website, the customers who’ve decided to ask for academic help are all very different, each having their own motivations and needs.

People who are not good at writing. Writing is a skill that’s not for everyone. We all know people who are better with numbers or talking and seem to get lost in written words. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it is necessary sometimes to request assistance from professionals.

Overwhelmed learners. Sometimes, students get additional tasks that do not necessarily fit into their major. When they are too busy with their marketing analysis or reading interviews, they may find it difficult to focus on something like an essay.

Hard workers. Unsurprisingly, many professionals tired from their regular jobs don’t have the energy to sit late at night and finish their papers. To have the chance at a better night’s sleep or simply to finish every item on their long list of responsibilities, many individuals choose to order from Ninjaessays.

People struggling with their health. With distance learning and long-term assignments, many students fail to accomplish necessary tasks because of a sudden illness but can’t ask for a deadline extension. Working while dealing with a cold is really hard, and the quality of the final result will probably be questionable. It’s much better to request assistance from someone with a clear mind.

Students in unexpected trouble. Everyone forgets their other problems when the power goes out or a sudden event such as an emergency visit to the vet makes them miss their deadlines, but the problem is real. When the odds just seem to be against them, people try to do whatever is in their power to prevent an academic failure.

Why Choose Ninjaessays?

Why Choose Ninjaessays

Ninjaessays has a lot of benefits that distinguish it from other similar services, which attracts many loyal clients.

More than 400 writers. The academic life on this website is thriving. Having access to such a high number of writers enables people to place orders all the time without the fear that it will go unnoticed. Instead, there is always a professional who can complete the paper. With so many writers working for Ninjaessays, it offers a great list of disciplines to choose from.

24/7 support. The support team is as important as writers sometimes, especially when you’re confused by the payment procedures or don’t know how many pages for the work you need. Ninjaessays’ team is fast, responsive, and very friendly. We liked communicating with them.

Flexible prices. Depending on the quality, deadline, and discipline, customers pay differently. This makes it possible for students to get very good prices, which is very important for those who can’t spend a fortune.

High quality. Being proud of its reputation, Ninjaessays often places great value on providing excellent service. While looking through Ninja Essays reviews, we have noticed a favorable attitude among most buyers. About 91% of its customers gave an “A” grade, and with more than 4,800 of them, the statistics are impressive.

Attractive discounts. During registration, every customer receives 15% off their first order, which is a good thing because it helps you determine if you plan to use their service in the future. But these are not the only options. The customers can receive silver, gold, and platinum types of discounts based on the number of pages ordered on the website.

Different deadlines. Some services only offer long deadlines, which is not helpful in situations where you have to send your professor an exam essay in three hours. Here, you can order essays that will be written in the shortest deadline if necessary. This feature is a real life-saver. Alternatively, if you want to save some money, you can give your writer a ten-day deadline if you have time or the paper needs more work.

Final Verdict

It’s undeniable that Ninjaessays is a website with an excellent position on the market and a great number of options for learners of all majors. The website is keen on protecting users’ data and strives to ensure a good communication system, which is a nice bonus. Discounts are oriented towards long-term customers, so you may want to look into all the offers of Ninjaessays if you’re interested. With many writers to choose from and positive reviews from customers, it definitely deserves your attention.

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