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Let’s say you’ve started to consider whether you should pay someone to write you an essay. Many students decide to do so, but choosing between all the alternatives can indeed seem like a task for a hero. We’re here to tell you about one such essay writing service, Essaymama—you’ve probably heard of it already. You’ll learn all you need to know from this Essaymama review, and we hope that it’ll help you make up your mind on whether to order a paper from there or not.

So, What Is Essaymama?

What Is Essaymama

You’ve opened a website called, and you’re wondering what it even is. Look no further. Essaymama is an online academic writing service for students such as yourself. Its name stems from its creators’ proud intention to provide a caring and supportive environment for students that feels comfortable and family-like. Here are some types of academic services you can find there:

Essay writing. If you struggle with completing any type of essay or don’t know about a particular topic (for example, Derrida’s philosophy or the marketing strategies of Apple), you can order it on the website.

Research and term papers. Even more than that, Essaymama is a place that aims at assisting students who are having trouble with the learning process, which can be especially problematic for those dealing with larger, more serious works. You can order your research and term papers that will correspond to the exact requirements you’ve provided.

Dissertation and thesis. This type of writing is one of the hardest because it requires significant preparations and research, and those who have to work on their thesis or dissertation can find themselves lost at the thought of the deadline awaiting them and of academics checking their results.

Proofreading. If you’ve gotten your work done but can’t be sure about how good it sounds, Essaymama also offers the reading and editing of your drafts. If you don’t know if your punctuation or style is suitable for the task, you can find a service confirming it one way or the other on this website.

PowerPoint presentation. Some academic works are not papers but presentations, and with this service, you can have a suitable visual and textual depiction of the material to appeal to your audience.

Even if this list doesn’t contain a certain type of writing or work, Essaymama probably does it regardless. The service offers personalized help, so you’ll most likely find someone to complete your task.

Is Essaymama Safe?

There are lots of people whom you shouldn’t trust on the internet; some websites can offer the best help in no time, take your money, and never be seen again. It’s hard to believe anything these days because people can be tricked by an attractive design or even by the apparent presence of a well-known personality, like an academic writer on the main page of a website. However, many such platforms lie with the goal of receiving payment. Fortunately, Essaymama is not like that, and here’s why.

A real phone number and customer support. Many websites that aren’t safe don’t have a reliable system of support, and only a few people work there. Assistants working on Essaymama are well-trained and respond to calls and messages in online chats. If anything is amiss, you’ll immediately be able to call the support team or write to them, which makes it possible for you to track everything and not be left in the dark.

A good system of accountability. Unlike many unreliable services where you can’t ask your writer to revise the order they’ve written for you, you can do it on Essaymama. If you’re not satisfied with your paper, professionals there will do everything to help you.

Secure payments. We like that it offers you an entirely protected way of paying for your order, and your credit card information won’t be shared with anyone else.

How Does Essaymama Work?

How Does Essaymama Work

One of the most important things for everyone to realize is to know how Essaymama works. If you’re considering becoming a customer of this service, this will be useful for you.

  1. A customer places an order. You can open the website and find the “Order now” button. You’ll be directed to the page for ordering your work. First, you have to provide your contact information, but it’s nothing too personal: name, email, and phone number. It’s important to provide this data in case support or your writer wants to contact you. Second, you fill in all the information about the order. Everything there is clear: the number of pages, level, deadline, and even the number of sources. Even before the customer adds the files, they can see the potential price for the order. If it suits them, they move to the next step.
  2. The client proceeds with the payment. To ensure that the person doesn’t receive an essay without paying for it, the second stage requires paying for the work. The process is simple and fast. If any issues arise, Essaymama offers you the chance to contact the support team, and they usually respond pretty quickly.
  3. The writer accepts the order. If the deadline for the essay is long, it may take some time before a writer for your work is found. But if the deadline for your order is short, it’ll be done much faster. You’ll see the status of your order and your writer’s ID.
  4. The customer receives the paper. The orders are done within the deadline you provide. After that, you can preview the work and approve it to download it in the necessary format.

Who Uses Essaymama?

There are different reasons to use Essaymama. Who are the customers of this website?

Confused students. Not every teacher provides good explanations of the topic. That’s why many customers on Essaymama are those who’ve decided to use professional help to know how to write that stubbornly difficult essay.

Busy workers. Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to work and study at the same time perfectly. Something can become a second priority, and we all can agree that being fired from a job or losing that chance for a promotion is something that no one wants to experience. So there are many people who use Essaymama while they try to get back on track with their academic and professional lives.

Tired parents. Many parents want to fulfill their dreams of having higher education, but being a mother or a father is not an easy thing. When a task at the university can’t be combined with parental responsibilities, it’s understandable why many people would choose essay writing assistance.

People who need help with the English language. Not everyone learning at college is a native English speaker, and even understanding the material can make it difficult for people to formulate their thoughts. Asking a professional to rephrase the main ideas would be much better.

Why Choose Essaymama?

Essaymama has many advantages over its competitors.

All levels of complexity. Regardless of how hard the task is, Essaymama will most likely find someone to complete it. Because the website is centered around customer satisfaction, it will maximize your chances of receiving the work on time. It’s different from many services that have too narrow a range of options or academic levels. It’s useful to have everything completed in one place.

24/7 support. If you don’t like to be left alone wondering how to buy an order, you’ll be surprised by the great and friendly customer support on this website. They are available by phone and via live chat, so you can choose any mode of communication you want.

Experts in each field. This website is impressive in its number of disciplines and in the level of professionalism of the people working there. Based on our research, we can confirm that the writers working on your essay or dissertation know what they’re doing. The service works with architecture, HRM, criminology, medicine, and many other fields, with a staff that possesses the desired expertise.

Safety and privacy. All your information will be protected and not shared with anyone. Essaymama has a pretty secure system of payment and a reliable privacy policy.

Affordable prices. Some services can be quite expensive, and that makes it really problematic to be their regular customer or even afford a good quality paper. Here, it won’t be a problem. You have good flexibility with choosing your deadline and specific requirements if you want to save money.

Special offers. Essaymama actually can help you if you need British English for your paper, specialized VIP support, or even proofreading help, on top of the paper itself. And if you like a particular writer more than others, you can request them so that everything is done in the style you like. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Final Verdict

This website is one of the best when it comes to fast and high-quality service, and we think that it has earned its good reputation. A great number of disciplines to choose from and affordable prices are definitely advantages worth considering! Hopefully, this Essaymama review was useful for you and provided some clarity for you to make a final decision.

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