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Using Facebook and Twitter for Essays Writing

Essay is a short piece of nonfiction on a particular topic, written mostly by students and being a part of their course of study.

Writing academic essays will take you through the whole process, starting from gathering appropriate material for your research and ending with your ready work’s proofreading.

How to Use Social Media Websites to Help You Compose Essays

Students rely on the Internet to cope with their writing assignments, what makes professionally researched content get less of scholars attention. However, using Twitter and Facebook for writing your essay can bring you many positive aspects as well.

Ways Facebook Can Help Your Writing

This social network does not have only negative aspects for students. You can successfully use Facebook as a research tool. Here you have an opportunity to visit popular groups where the topic of your essay is discussed and shared. Moreover, you can ask your own questions, gather different ideas and opinions concerning your topic and even make some surveys.

Do you wonder how it is possible? The answer is simple: all you have to do is to search Facebook for some thoughts and ideas concerning your topic, and ask as many questions as possible. This method will help you gather interesting ideas and make a powerful research.

Ways Twitter Can Help Your Writing

As you know, users post tidbids of maximum 140 characters on Twitter. This social network can significantly help those students who gather some biographical info for their papers, as it provides facts about many great names of history.

Twitter will help you keep focus on current events. Search for bloggers debates, discuss everything referred to your subject, get links to sites that will be useful for writing your essay. Once you do not find posts related to your topic, you may start discussions about it.

Twitter gives you an opportunity to visit libraries and archives of Twitter feeds. If you research some geographic area, you may collaborate with local residents with the help of this social network.

Another reason why you should use Twitter is an opportunity to follow people who can help you: a large number of experts are registered there.

Always check your sources while writing your assignment, if you are not sure whether they are representative and good enough. You may share them with Twitter’s community and find out what people think about them. Furthermore, you may search for stories that fit your topic: simply use keywords on it.

Thousands of people discuss something on Twitter, and hundreds of users can provide useful data there; so, you do not have to visit local libraries and seek for information in magazines or books.

Moreover, you will find many useful links of different websites and blogs posted on Twitter. So, it is not a big problem to find anything needed for your topic.
When writing your academic assignment, you shouldn’t limit yourself by Facebook and Twitter only, ┬ábut try YouTube, eHow, Edublogs, Digg and many other services available online. They all will undoubtedly make you a better writer.

Students and scholars have all chances to search and find everything on the Internet today. All in all, all good things come to he who waits. Once you face academic writing difficulties, feel free to visit Twitter and Facebook. Here you will find all necessary information concerning any topic and discipline.

When writing a paper, different tools will be effective and good enough to make a powerful research.

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